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July 26, 2014 at 8:36pm
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"I’m not going without you"

Like the sun we will live to rise.
Like the sun we will live and die.

July 17, 2014 at 10:14pm
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Look at how adorable he is.  Why is there not more of this in the world?


Look at how adorable he is.  Why is there not more of this in the world?

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Hawkguy ending.  Hulk vs. Iron Man.  Everything to do with Rick Remender still being employed by Marvel.  And now, Superior Iron Man.  There’s a lot happening in current Marvel canon to be upset about.  There’s a lot I’m upset about.

I mean, a lot of us, we fall in love with the characters, we connect to them, we spend time and energy fleshing them out and bringing them to life in our fanfiction, we root for them and cheer when things go well for them and mourn when things go poorly and it’s incredibly difficult when their stories are taken over by people who do not love them as much as we do, or in the way that we do.

An unfortunate reality of comics as a medium (Marvel comics, in particular), is that characterizations are just not consistent.  There are too many cooks in the kitchen, to many people writing too many parts of the story and making a character’s narrative into a sprawling, unwieldy, nigh on incoherent mess.  It’s inevitable that a characters creative direction is put in the hands of a person who does not understand that character (or, more accurately, whose understanding veers drastically from our own) and that, just.  It fucking sucks, yeah?

Personally, I got into comics in order to participate in fandom, so that makes it easier for me to gain some distance.  What I love about Marvel, what I will always love about Marvel, is the wealth of canon and characterizations to draw from to tell my own stories, or to read others.  For me, at least, 616 canon is secondary to the rich fan community built around Steve and Tony’s relationship, and even if I don’t like what’s happening with those characters right now, I can take solace in some of the excellent post civil war classics, or current fix-it fics, or old canon identity porn.  Right now I’m writing a post Civ kidfic and an incursions fixit and rolling around plans in my head for sequels for both of them.

My point is, I guess, is that Superior Iron Man sounds awful and we know Remender is awful but I still believe in Steve and Tony, I still think there are stories to tell about them that aren’t just pain and betrayal and suffering, and I’m going to focus on telling those stories even if that means forever paddling down a certain river in Egypt whistling a jaunty tune.

Because let’s be real, life is too short for shitty comics.

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Superior Iron Man

Lots more coming out about this title, which looks like it is going to be quite confounding.

Thoughts?  Hit up our discussion post.

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spoilers, spoilers everywhere!

In case you missed it, there’s a spread in EW featuring more background info and new pics from Age of Ultron.  The cover is particularly relevant to our interests.

There’s also several identity shakeups on the horizon in comics land, with the post-Original Sin relaunch of some major titles under the Avengers NOW header.